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LD 1915: What you need to know.

We don't know what is in the emissions coming from the petroleum tank farms in South Portland or how much potentially harmful pollutants the facilities are sending out into our community. Why? In accordance with the federal clean air laws, the state licenses each facility to emit a certain amount, but the companies are not required to track and report their own emissions. The state does NO tracking of its own. A bill now before lawmakers would change that, and it needs our support. 

Last year we learned that one company, Global, has been emitting dramatically more than its license allows for, and for years, according to the EPA. Senator Rebecca Millett has sponsored a bill that directs the state Department of Environmental Protection to come up with a plan for estimating, measuring and controlling emissions from above-ground heated fuel tanks, like the ones in question at Global, as well as from oil terminals and offloading activity.  

A hearing on the bill by the Joint Legislative Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources will be held in Room 216 of the Cross Building, across from the State House, at 1:00 on Jan. 24. This bill could greatly help our fight to improve air quality in South Portland. Please show your support, if you're able, by attending. Better yet, come prepared to testify. 

Please fill out this form if you plan to attend. We are coordinating carpooling from the park-and-ride at 274 Marginal Way in Portland. (If you plan to carpool, be sure to fill out the form linked above so that we know to expect you.)

Can't attend? You can still help:

- Spread the word. Share this email with friends or neighbors who might attend.

Submit your testimony online here. (You'll need the committee name and hearing date, above).

If you would like talking points or ideas, send us an email with the subject:  Talking Points