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Help Defend our Clear Skies
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A special thank you goes out to Dan Woods and Karen Silverman for their photography donations.



Bug Light Park, South Portland Maine




On October 29 The City Council chose four of the five members who will form the Clean

Air Advisory Committee, CAAC, charged with creating a strategy to improve the air

quality in South Portland and the surrounding area. They selected the following people:

Brianne Hicknell - Environmental Engineer

Thomas Mikulka - Environmental Scientist/Chemist

Rebecca Boulos - Public Health Official

Joshua Cutler - Member (retired physician)


If you are interested or know of someone, Please pass on this information. Applicants do not need to be residents of South Portland. For more information on the duties and goals of this committee and how to apply to be a member of this committee, click this link

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for application is Nov 8.



Recently we received news that the Justice Department did not revise the settlement with Global known as a consent decree despite appeals from many sources including the City of So. Portland, NRCM and PSP. The consent decree requires a review of Global’s permit. There will be a hearing in Augusta which is open to the public with the

opportunity to make public comments. (Typically 2 minutes are allowed.) This is our chance to be heard. Please consider contributing your important comments at this hearing. The date has not been set. We will post the date and further information when available.

For background information on Global Oil’s violations of it’s permit go to Global under Campaigns on this site.


On October 8 the South Portland City Council passed a resolution that commits to accelerating actions for the goal of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. This resolution also requires the city to incorporate climate resilience in future planning, allocate more funding to fight climate change, and to support federal policies like a carbon tax. The City Council enthusiastically responded to separate resolutions from the Citizen’s Climate Lobby and teenage activists from the Maine Chapter of U. S. Youth Climate Strikes.

Current goals

  • Prevent reversal of pipeline which would bring tar sands oil and air pollution to So. Portland.

  • Pass an ordinance to ban synthetic fertilizers in So. Portland.

  • Work with the city to reduce VOC’s from Global Partner’s storage tanks.

  • Find ways to actively involve youth in protecting our environment.

Is South Portland the ‘greenest’ city in Maine? It’s a leader, for sure

From building the state's largest municipal solar array to taking on an international oil company, Maine's fourth-largest city just might be its most environmentally active. READ MORE

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Our Mission

To promote actions and practices that serve to protect the environment and health and welfare of South Portland, Maine READ MORE

South Portland gets Grant for Demonstration of Organic Lawn Care

To help educate our residents on our pesticide ordinance and organic lawn care, South Portland has entered into a partnership with Stonyfield Organic READ MORE

South Portland takes on oil company

Protect South Portland (PSP) was formed in 2013 when Portland Pipeline, a subsidiary of Exxon and Suncor, tried to build a tar sands oil export terminal next to Bug Light Park on the pristine shores of Casco Bay.  This would have necessitated building two 70 foot smoke stacks to burn off the chemicals that had been added to the tar sands for transport through Portland Pipeline’s 75 year old pipes.  These combustion stacks would have emitted toxic fumes into our neighborhoods.


To stop this pollution we mobilized our community to work with our city council to establish our Clear Skies Ordinance in 2014.  After 3 1/2 years in court, on August 24, we received the great news that the city had prevailed in its defense of our Clear Skies Ordinance.  Judge Woodcock’s final ruling declares that the Clear Skies Ordinance does not violate the Interstate Commerce Clause of the U. S. Constitution.  


Portland Pipeline has appealed this decision to the First District Court of Appeals in Boston and we are waiting for a place on the docket.  Protect South Portland will continue to mobilize support for our ordinance and raise funds for the ongoing legal expenses.

Clear Skies Ordinance

The Clear Skies Ordinance bans the loading of crude oil onto tankers in South Portland's harbor. The process of loading crude oil, especially crude derived from tar sands, is accompanied by the emission of toxic chemicals. The ordinance is based on the city’s home rule authority and its right to regulate air quality for the health and welfare of its citizens. 

Pesticide Use Ordinance

Protect South Portland played an important role in mobilizing support for this ground breaking ordinance in the City of South Portland, Maine.