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Tank Emissions Issue Goes to Augusta!


The long awaited report from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection came out on Jan. 1. The report is the department's response to a resolve passed last year (LD1915) requiring that the agency study the best ways to measure and treat tank emissions from all oil terminal tanks in Maine. Given that it is 111 pages long, we suggest that you scroll to the end to read Conclusions/Recommendations on page 94 at this link: Measurement and Control of Emissions from Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tanks. You can find Protect South Portland's response to the report, as well as David Falatko's and Tom Mikulka's comments on our website at: down to "Reference Documents").

While there are a few recommendations that we see as positive, we are disappointed that the DEP report did not go far enough. The report recommended no significant changes to the status quo for monitoring or controlling emissions. We are hoping that comments submitted by Protect South Portland and other concerned residents, as well as any city response, will encourage the Environment and Natural Resources Committee to write it's own bill to address this important issue.

Protect South Portland has spearheaded a Tank Emissions Coalition made up of health advocacy and environmental groups including The American Lung Association, Defend Our Health (formerly Environmental Health & Strategy Center), Physicians for Social Responsibility Maine, Maine Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Conservation Law Foundation, Sierra Club, Natural Resources Council of Maine, 350 Maine, Community Action Works (formerly Toxics Action), Portland Climate Action, and Elders for Future Generations. The goal of the Tank Emissions Coalition is to require monitoring and control of emissions for all above ground oil terminal tanks in Maine.

What Now?

Beginning the week of Feb. 8th, the Environment and Natural Resources Committee will discuss the possibility of writing a committee bill on tank emissions and, if so, what they would put in it. 

What You Can Do!

If you live in an area that is impacted by the tank emissions, we encourage you to write an email to each of the members of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee who will be drafting a bill. Find their contact info here.

In your own words, tell them about your personal experience, hardships, negative health impacts, and concerns from living near the tanks and breathing the toxic emissions they emit. They need to know what you, your children, and grandparents are going through. Your voice, together with your neighbors', can make a powerful difference in the effort to get legislation passed to require the measuring and treating of all emissions.

If you want, you can also include how you feel
about the report and what you'd like them to do.

Please try to send it to them during the week of Feb. 8th.

** We would appreciate it if you would copy your letter to us at This would be giving PSP and the Tank Emissions Coalition permission to use your testimony in media releases and to advocate with other legislative influencers and decision makers on the tank emissions issue.

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South Portland, Portland respond to air quality concerns surrounding oil storage tanks

Hoping you stay safe and well,
Protect South Portland Coordinators

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