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Preparing for Sea Level Rise 


Coastal flooding poses a significant threat to our community, impacting both our environment and livelihoods. As sea levels rise and storms intensify due to climate change, the risk of flooding along our coastline increases. Understanding the causes and effects of coastal flooding is crucial in developing effective strategies to mitigate its impacts and protect our homes, businesses, and natural habitats.

South Portland is particularly vulnerable to coastal flooding due to its geographical location and low-lying coastal areas. Flooding not only threatens residential and commercial properties but also puts critical infrastructure, including roads, utilities, and emergency services, at risk. Furthermore, coastal flooding endangers our natural ecosystems, including marshes, wetlands, and wildlife habitats, which play a vital role in maintaining biodiversity and protecting against erosion.

PSP is committed to addressing the challenges posed by coastal flooding through proactive measures and community engagement. We advocate for sustainable coastal development practices, shoreline protection initiatives, and comprehensive flood risk management strategies. By working together with residents, businesses, local authorities, and environmental organizations, we can safeguard our community against the impacts of coastal flooding and build a resilient future for generations to come. Together, we can create a safer and more sustainable community for all.


Stay up to date on the city's efforts through their new site dedicated to coastal resilience. This page can be found on the City’s homepage under “spotlights" and will serve as a hub for the most up-to-date information about the City's current coastal resiliency efforts. A Coastal Resilience team, made up of staff leaders across various departments, meets regularly about the City's resiliency plans and actions. Updates will be added to this page as new information is available. 


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