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Click here to download. Then, with just a few taps, record each time you smell something that seems hazardous. Dozens of entries have been made in South Portland since the start of April alone. It's free, easy to use, and the data provides one more means of tracking the impact on our community. This data can then be used to advocate for action by regulatory agencies. 

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Letters should be no longer than 350 words and must include writer’s name, full address, and phone number. The deadline is Monday at noon.



Email the Editor

Letters should be no longer than 300 words and must include writer’s name, full address, and daytime and evening phone numbers. The deadline is noon Monday.


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Letters should be no longer than 300 words and include the writer’s name, address, and daytime phone



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Following our alerts to Act Now and attending City Council meetings and workshops. You show your support for our causes just by being there or if you feel comfortable, speak to assert your support. One can speak for 2 minutes at a workshop and 5 minutes at the public discussion part of a city council meeting. Special topics at council meetings may only allow 2 minutes.

Helping with small tasks such as phone calling, handouts, computer work and more. Contact us to volunteer.

Update re: LD 163

LD163 has passed and the Rules for enforcing LD163 have been written by the DEP.  These rules, in a process called Rulemaking, will be going to the Board of Environmental Protection, (BEP) for review.  We are unsure if we can testify or send testimony to this Board for the hearing being held on February, 3 at 9:00. 

For information on this watch out for the PSP newsletter or check on this section in the near future.  We will post the information once we know. You can subscribe to our newsletter by clicking on Newsletter on our Home page. If we are able to testify virtually the information below may be helpful and will be updated with appropriate information.

testifying on LD 1532
LD1532 as it is currently written:

An Act To Protect Maine's Air Quality by Strengthening Requirements for Air Emissions Licensing
We are anticipating that LD1532 will be amended and strengthened soon. We will post the revised bill as soon as it is available. You should read the bill in order that your testimony shows that you have read it and can respond to its contents.


  • Your name and town or organization will be published with testimony. Also, include name town or organization with all documents submitted. Testimony will be published as soon as possible after the hearing. By registering and submitting the necessary form you will be agreeing to have the information included released to the public.

  • It is helpful to SEND A COPY OF YOUR WRITTEN TESTIMONY so the legislators can follow along with your vocal testimony. TO SEND WRITTEN TESTIMONY OR TO REGISTER TO SPEAK:  Go to mainelegislature.org/testimony/

  • If you are submitting written testimony you should start with your name and place of residence. You can either paste in what you have written or attach a word or PDF document in the box provided.




Hearing:  Public Hearing

Committee: Environment and Natural Resources 

Date of hearing:  May 3, 9:00

Bill number:  LD 1532


TO PRESENT VIRTUAL TESTIMONY  Check:  "I would like to present my testimony live."


  1. Fill in the appropriate information then submit

  2. When you sign up and submit, you will receive a link to the committee clerk who will send an email to you with a link to register for the webinar - hearing. Once you have registered for the webinar, you will receive a link to the zoom for the webinar. 

  3. You will be listed as an attendee - you can see, but cannot be heard or seen.

  4. The attendee list is alphabetical and the clerk will call your name in that order.

  5. When it is nearly your turn, you will go from an attendee to a panelist which allows you to speak and appear by video on the zoom.  Upper left.

  6. When you are called up, a box will appear with a spooling circle that says "joining". In 5 -7 seconds you will see yourself on the screen, UNMUTE.

  7. WAIT for the clerk to ask you to speak, You will have 3 MINUTES TO SPEAK.

  8. Then it will spool again and you will be off the screen. 


It is recommended that  AFTER TESTIFYING, you go to www.youtube.com/mainestatelegislature.  Select, “channel” then click the link.






  • Why you need to testify: Each legislator is on 1 or 2 committees and works on over 100 bills per year. They are not experts on every subject so they need to hear from individuals on how the issue in the bill impacts the lives of the public. This helps them understand the bill better.

  • You will have 3 MINUTES to testify. Write out what you want to say, practice and time it. (Written testimony can be longer.)

  • Testimony should be sent to the committee before the hearing so they can follow along. SEND WRITTEN TESTIMONY TO: mainelegislature.org/testimony/


Your verbal testimony should:


  • Recognize the two committee chairs first. They are: Senator Stacy Brenner and Representative Ralph Tucker.

  • Introduce yourself.

  • State the bill number  LD 1532  and your position on the bill.

  • Make your testimony personal. The members will remember stories more than facts and figures.


Read the bill beforehand and show that you have knowledge of it. Bring up specific details of the bill to show that you have read it and you are a trusted spokesperson for it. When finished thank the committee for being able to share and assert again how you would like them to vote. Tell them they can ask questions and be prepared to answer questions.


SUGGESTIONS to deliver your testimony online make sure to:

  • Pick a quiet spot

  • Show only your shoulders and head

  • Speak slowly, clearly and with adequate volume.

  • Maintain eye contact with the camera by having your testimony on the screen and scroll as you read or have a written sheet taped to your screen or memorize it.


WRITTEN TESTIMONY should be carefully proofread to make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors.